Holo card animation

The HOLO Card is Oahu’s first smart transit card and can be used island-wide on TheBus, TheHandi-Van and the future rail.

The goal of the project was to create a visual identity that reflected the energy and enthusiasm of the company. The new transit card needed to inform everyone who currently ride the Bus, that their bus pass will change to the HOLO transit card on June 2021, pointing out what they need to do to get the HOLO card and how to use it.

Brand Identity  •  Art Direction

The Hawaiian word “HOLO” has many meanings, the most prevalent of which is “to go or ride.” The word “Holo Holo” means “to go cruising or ride for pleasure.” Here is an example of Holo Holo used in a sentence: Many visitors go holo holo around the island to check out the sites. But according to the Hawaiian dictionary, its hidden meaning is so much more. It means “spending quality time with family and friends. Connecting with each other while connecting with nature, exploring, storytelling and sharing with one another.” The HOLO Pass allows you to do just that.

To create awareness we used the brand colors to create energy and attitude to make a bold expression. Keeping it local by having images of places and people around the island.


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